Claire Elizabeth

I’m a entrepreneur who helps a wide range of people from around the world achieve success. I started my proofreading business based on my love of reading and proper English. When my friends wanted to learn more about how to start their own proofreading business, I created Get Paid to Proofread, and have helped people from all walks of life achieve financial success through proofreading. 

When my friends and acquaintances asked how I have time to run a successful proofreading business, tutor students, and have time for my own school work, I explained that I study smarter, not harder. I created the course, The Way to A™ to help other students achieve academic success. 

In addition to my passion for proofreading, I also love to design and make sea glass jewelry, watch Broadway shows, design cakes, travel and shop.

 Currently, I am a student and learning Chinese. 



Featured Courses

Let’s Do This

Get Paid to Proofread ™ is a comprehensive course that teaches proofreading fundamentals, which form the basis of proofreading as a profession. Students who complete the course are well on their way to gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of profitable proofreading work. 

Write the Perfect College Application Essay ™ is a mini-course that helps students write an essay that helps them gain acceptance to their dream school. Students who complete this course can write a college application essay that stands out from the pile and helps them gain acceptance into their dream college or university, without the stress.

The Way to A ™ helps students achieve academic success by teaching them how to improve stheir grades. Students who complete the course can increase their GPA, chances of being admitted into their dream college or university, and become eligible for merit-based scholarships.