While Get Paid to Proofread provides everything you need to start and maintain a successful proofreading practice, we do not guarantee that all students will succeed as a proofreader. We cannot guarantee your success because it is your willingness to put in the time and work to be successful as a proofreader. Similar to how people take high school, college and/or university courses but are not guaranteed success or employment by their academic institutions, we cannot guarantee any outcome from this course.

Students must agree that their success as a proofreader, in terms of factors such as income, is not based solely on their use of the materials provided in the course. We are not responsible for factors that could hinder your success as a proofreader such as a lack of skill, failure to comprehend the material, or personal decisions such as being unwilling to market oneself as a proofreader. Get Paid to Proofread does not provide any type of employment service. It it is your responsibility to find proofreading jobs. The course offers information on where proofreading jobs are available. Should you face challenges in finding proofreading work after trying to do so, you can contact customer service to discuss your current marketing efforts.

If you can show that you’ve given it your all by following all the advice and suggestions made in the course and didn’t get any results, I promise to refund 100% of your money. If you are not ready and willing to undertake the activities needed to succeed as a proofreader, such as learning and marketing yourself, this course might not be appropriate for you.


refund policy