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How to Be a More Productive Proofreader When Working from Home

December 29, 2020


Although many people think that working from home can guarantee productivity, it doesn’t. Many proofreaders and other workers who work from home, often find that they’re not as productive as they want and need to be. Here are my top tips on how to be a more productive when working from home.

Keep Regular Working Hours

We all know that disruptions can ruin our flow and lead to lost productivity. If you work from home, be sure to keep a regular working schedule. Moreover, make sure that the important people in your life, such as your children, significant other, friends and relatives know that you don’t want to be interrupted during work, unless it is an emergency.

Schedule Breaks

Taking breaks are essential for maintaining high levels of productivity. Because it can be naturally hard to focus on a single activity for an extended period, breaks can help us refresh and refocus. Once we are refocused we can return to the activity with a higher level of performance. Remember, don’t skip a break because you need to finish a task when you can’t give the task your complete attention.

Clean Your Work Space

Clutter can divert our attention from almost any task. In fact, studies show the more things you can see in front of you, the more things that compete for your attention and thus cause distraction. Keep your workspace as clean and clutter-free as possible. When you find that your work area is distracting you from your work, take the time out to declutter it.

Turn of All Notifications

While many people do turn their mobile phones off to avoid distractions when working from home, there are other notifications to consider. For example, some people hear notifications when they receive an e-mail, which can be distracting.  Therefore, make sure that all notifications, not just those on your mobile phone, are turned off.


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