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How to Work Anywhere in the World as a Proofreader

December 5, 2020

Many people today are living the digital nomad life. Laptops and luggage in hand, digital nomads worldwide travel to distant locations because of the flexibility and freedom of their digital jobs. Many proofreaders enjoy the digital nomad life, reading documents at the beach, on a mountaintop, or from beautiful cafes in Europe. I’ve had many graduates of Get Paid to Proofread start living a location independent life, and I’ve been asked just how they can work and explore the world simultaneously. Here are my top tips on how you can work from anywhere in the world as a proofreader.

Believe That You Can

People are often so used to the status quo in their lives that change seems impossible. I know many people who make excuses for why they can’t live their digital nomad dream. Look, you can do it. Look at all the reasons that you have made up in your mind as to why you can’t do it and understand that they’re just excuses.  Any challenge that you imagine standing in your way can be overcome.

Set Yourself Up for International Work

Once you know that yes, you can become a digital nomad you need to start taking the right steps to set yourself up as one. Ensure that you have an up to date passport with enough pages (many countries require that you have a certain number of empty pages in your passport). You’ll also need to ensure you set up your business is set up for international business, such as by setting up a third-party payment platform like Stripe or PayPal if you haven’t already. You should also consider paying your bills online if you are still using paper statements. Take the steps you need to be location dependent with your business.

Decide on Your Destination(s)

With the confidence that you can be a digital nomad, you now have to think about the amazing places you want to travel. I know that a few graduates of Get Paid to Proofread have traveled to Asia and set up shop in places such as Thailand, Bali, and Indonesia. While these destinations are definitely popular, the world is your oyster! Pull up a map on Google and look at the many destinations of the world where you can travel to for fun and for work. Ensure that you know the visa requirements and length of stay for the country or countries you are interested in.

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Join Digital Nomad Communities

Becoming a part of a digital nomad community can be very beneficial. You’ll meet many other people who have also taken a leap of faith to travel and work. Nomad communities can be very beneficial in answering questions as you establish yourself in a new location. To find these communities, check Facebook for groups such as Female Digital Nomads, Digital Nomads Around the World, and others to find other people who have become location independent.


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