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November 1, 2020

How Mukesh Was Able to Keep His Elderly Parents at Home, Thanks to Proofreading!

Graduates of my course Get Paid to Proofread often share amazing stories of how their proofreading work has allowed them to take a dream trip, pay for college tuition, and achieve a sense of financial relief. Mukesh’s story is a bit different. Mukesh was able to use the money he has made from proofreading to keep his elderly parents at home instead of having them live in a nursing facility.


Mukesh, how were you were able to use proofreading to keep your parents at home?

In my country there are state-run nursing homes, private homes, and private nurses. Nursing homes can be of low quality, the private homes are very expensive, and private nurses are costly as well. My goal was to keep them home and ensure that they would receive high-quality health care at home. With the money I have been consistently making with proofreading, I have earned enough to achieve my goal.


That’s amazing that you can keep your parents at home. How does your proofreading work fit with the time you spend with your parents?

It has been an effortless fit. My parents tend to sleep early so I use that time to proofread.


Would you say that proofreading was a key factor in being able to keep your parents at home?

Absolutely! I have savings from my job as an assistant and am still working at a high-tech company here in India. But the money was not enough for a private nurse. It was proofreading that made everything possible.


What are your future plans with regard to proofreading?

In the future I might expand the business to employ other proofreaders so I can spend even more time with my mother and father. I’m in contact with several other proofreaders I could potentially hire later down the road.

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