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Top Tips to Stand Out as a Proofreader on Fiverr

November 18, 2020


Many proofreaders are using Fiverr as a way to find clients quickly and get paid promptly. Using a third-party platform such as Fiverr offers benefits such as buyer and seller protections, the ability for clients to find sellers, and the ability for sellers to set many of their own prices and conditions.  Over the years, this platform, and similar ones, have become more popular which means you need to stand out as a seller.  Here are my top tips on how you can stand out on Fiverr.

Show Yourself

Clients are often more inclined to hire a proofreader, or other service providers, on a site like Fiverr when they use an image of the person providing the service. Not only do people want to see who they’re working with, using a picture makes your profile more professional.

Use Your Description Space Well

Your description space on your profile should be viewed as valuable real estate. You don’t want to waste any of the space by writing about issues that are off-topic. Instead, focus on a description that relates to your proofreading skills. You can still make the description personal, but always make sure that your description’s professional aspects come first.

Show Your Skills

I’ve seen Fiverr proofreader descriptions with grammar and spelling mistakes.  I also noticed that these sellers did not have any reviews. Remember, anything that you write with your Fiverr profile needs to be professional and proofread to not turn off potential clients.


Good luck with your Fiverr sales!

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